It all started when…

Elisabeth Handl was in Mongolia in 2014.

"I played a game with myself, whether I would manage to walk in the mountains of northwestern Mongolia not on Edelweiss."

Three years later, after 3 years of deep research and experience regarding the mysterious desires and definitions as well as instrumentalization of HOME, Renate Burger, communication scientist, came towards her, reminding her of project ideas Elisabeth once had told her.

Some months later we became complices by starting an in-depth research and development process: playful experiments, talking and listening to different people cross various disciplines. After weeks of mental abnormal activities, walls full of post-its, hours of discussions, floors covered by materials, books and drawings, negotiation processes on the run, hundreds of sketches and dropped concept sheets the current concept was shaped.

On August 22nd the team will start the  BELLY STORE Reloaded alps trail.

The first purpose with BELLY STORE RELOADED is to establish the BELLY STORE framework design as a PoP - a Point of Participation.


A NEW CULTURE OF IMPACT IN COMMON. Personality and culture development via a broad-based, playful approach. Through different worlds of experience (analogue and digital) and a joint task of action, values in the coexistence become visible and thereby renegotiable. We learn to understand ourselves as a living organism of cultural codes and at the same time as a responsible co-creator of our world.
Method for decision-making for companies, associations, citizen participation, etc.


To actively confront our increasingly complex world, to take on challenges and overcome crises, we need a different approaches for togetherness: Togetherness that creates an atmosphere that breaks our thinking within the limits of the status quo, that raises questions that shed new light on our conventions and implications, that touch us emotionally, that give us new perspectives. BELLY STORE Reloaded opens up new ways of learning.


1. BELLY STORE Reloaded
For a concrete topic, the BELLY STORE gathers and exchanges stories and objects. These provide insight into our ideas and definitions of value and meaning. The collection in the BELLY STORE is thus a reflection of our relationship to the world and between us humans.

For that we are moving around from Vienna heading to the Swiss Alps to investigate and to collect peoples' stories and objects regarding Edelweiss & Gentian referring to individual reference systems. A physical BELLY STORE will be the hub for the objects or references being collected on the trail.

Along a special concepted dialog guide line, using HOMEFULL Methodologies’ method 10 Senses Of Home, the variety of identity parameters will be made accesible by transferring the BELLY STORE framework design in an digital Interface Design. This invites to explore the different collected approaches on the topic by participating the BELLY STORE Reloaded Online Game.

This adventure game, the microcosm, cocreated by each player ot the gaming community with his own story, is made accessible to all players: to traverse different worlds of experience, to grasp different perspectives, and finally to decide together on values that should be relevant in the future. BELLY STORE Reloaded, as a PoP (Point Of Participation), becomes a negotiation place for the diversity and for change in our world and to experience our own role.

2. BELLY STORE Reloaded: Adventure Game featuring Edelweiss und Gentian

Plot Edelweiss and Enzian are in an identity crisis.
In a daring expedition, they are on the track of their homeland between the Alps and Central Asia.
And discover 1000 AND 1 story ... But just between us, the two are absolutely incapable of decision making.

Your mission Help the self-esteem of Edelweiss or Gentian with your story on the jumps! And decide together with your teammates in the online game BELLY STORE Reloaded about the new identity and the future relevance of Edelweiss & Gentian.

Our mission We, the project team, are making our way to Central Asia at the same time. All the stories about Edelweiss and Gentian, donated by to the BELLY STORE by people we get in contact with along the exploration journey, are cast as "Joker" to the story collection in the digital game. Whenever the belly shop is full of new stories along the journey, the decision of the players to secure the essential identity features of Edelweiss & Enzian is due.

Stay tuned for further hints and links about the plans for and with BELLY STORE RELOADED and get information about future activities HERE.

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We are curious to hearing from you!

BELLY STORE, Renate Burger and Elisabet Handl